hop over to this web-site Outdoor activities are a great part of a complete lifestyle.  As with anything we undertake as adventurous humans, there are certain risks involved, some of which can result in injury (or worse).  As such, Hike-N-Bike makes all possible efforts to provide experiences for their clients which are fun, unique, and most of all safe.  That being said, not all risks can be predicted or planned for (and therefore, cannot always be avoided).  Toward that end, Hike-N-Bike expects all of it’s clients to be in good physical health, and to know ahead of time of their own physical and medical limitations.  PLEASE DO NOT UNDERTAKE ANY PHYSICALLY DEMANDING ACTIVITY WITHOUT FIRST CONSULTING YOUR HEALTH SERVICE PROVIDER. All participants in Hike-N-Bike excursions will be required to sign a risk and health waiver.  Your health and safety are ultimately your own responsibility.  Please do not participate in a Hike-N-Bike excursion unless you are fully comfortable with this understanding.

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